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AlgiLife_LogoIt is an innovative company, dedicated to the development and marketing of food supplements with documented pharmacological activity.

Our products derive exclusively from natural sources, since from nature it is now possible to extract numerous active ingredients dedicated to human well -being and health.

But the natural origin of an active ingredient is nothing, without the quality and purity! For this reason, AlgiLife carefully selects active ingredients extracted and purified within the European Union, by certain and guaranteed sources. The active ingredients and the excipients are then assembled according to our formulas, in a state -of -the -art plant for efficiency and quality, al in order to guarantee the patient a product finished first of all healthy and safe.

In fact, Algilife works according to the best standards required by the Italian Ministry of Health and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), a European body that presides over the healthiness of natural products.

The AlgiLife products are therefore described to the medical class and pharmacists by our scientific informants of the drug, through the correct and balanced exposure of the scientific evidence that make it useful for the intake of our active ingredients in certain pathologies or Carenial States.


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